it’s important to note that in the pantheon of things Jake does for me, the ones I post are such a tiny, tiny percentage – even if I was posting several times a day, the number of moments that make me pause and think, oh, wow, someone who does that for me/says that to me/makes that reference in that moment is rarer than rare, rare enough as to be a myth, a myth of flesh and blood under my hands – that number is woefully unrepresented by how much of my life I share online. we’re two people who could survive without a dedicated other, yet we’ve molded each other towards our collective center of good traits, far beyond recognition now. who would we be without our other half? “other half” is an inadequate term. half implies a certain type of completeness in what remains, an equality at least. what’s left of me after you remove the influence of my soulmate is like the salt and flavoring at the bottom of a bag of chips. it’s the right flavor profile, but without the substance of context, it’s overwhelming and off-putting. without Jake, I would have existed, of course, probably even been happy – but I’m so glad this is how we’ve gone. <3

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