literally nothing makes my day like Jake showing up for lunch

also, Jake is a fucking treasure. the end, goddammit. period. that’s it. that’s all there is to it.

but Jake made me amazing tacos and he was so cute making faces at me in the car when he and Six pulled up both lookin a lil scruffy and totally in love with me. so there’s that <33

I love curling in like a puzzle piece against my other half.

if anyone ever wonders if Jake and I fight, the answer is yes. ah, you know, about some of the usual things (very very rarely about others), and we snap and snarl – we’re both rather good at the art of argumentation, see – but at the end, even if there are tears, there’s just a whole lot of love and understanding and letting the other person clarify and apologize and forgive.

makes me baked eggs and slaps my ass in these green pants. bffs 4eva