crow: **swoops past car window**
me: wow. birds are so crazy. how do they…calculate all those vectors…
Jake: they don’t…….
me: …
Jake: they wing it.
me: ………..

boss was like “man wish (our Canadian) was driving the meeting today so we could fry him again” and C goes “yeah. Canadian bacon”

me: *drops keyboard onto her foot for the third time today*
Jake: do you understand the gravity of your situation

I’m reading this superb book about health, and got to the part where she goes into the health benefits of sex; and after a long paragraph of health problems good sex helps prevent, she starts the next paragraph with:

the evidence is mounting

other highlights of the weekend: purchasing small lemon Cyprus tree named Katniss Evergreen; framing and hanging poster for Blake Noble signed by the Aussie himself and his two ridiculous band members; learning the ins and outs of Fitbit, because data; and finding the one small womens coat at the Army/Navy surplus store