making falafel for dinner. then work calls. then space pirates.

good dessert for digestion: layer plain yogurt, sprinkle brown sugar (or drizzle honey), slice pineapple into bits, sprinkle cinnamon on top. 👌👌👌

I ate turkey for lunch and I want to curl up under the desk with my tryptophan

nobody kiss me right now!!!!! my upper lip smells like cheese bagel!!!!!!

my daal is the best thing I’ve ever eaten I don’t even want to talk about it

I’ve had half a Large Beer and a lot of spicy Spanish food and I need to finish this short story because it’s due Monday but I would rather answer awkward asks please

½ cup plain yogurt + 1 cup white flour + 1 tsp baking powder; mix, let rest for 10-15 minutes; split into 6 small dough balls, roll flat on floured surface and let sit; cover the bottom of a small pan with olive oil, heat on medium-high until a bit of dough dropped in has little bubbles around it; lower the dough circle into the oil away from you and let go quickly; let cook 2-3 minutes per side until you see brown peeking up around the edge, then flip for 2 minutes more; lift out of oil, let drip, then put on plate for seasonings (salt+pepper, garlic salt, barest hint of Italian herb mix, or cinnamon sugar) – and let cool and enjoooooyyyyy