so along with the studio (speaking of, we recorded a third of our first video’s audio track last night!!), something I’m working on developing this year is, like…a novel commune. basically I’ve created a scifi universe sandbox to play in, and people who want to write smut under a pen name can publish under THAT name, or people who want to write…say, crime novels can set them in the universe and publish under the umbrella of the universe but under their own name. it’ll encourage cross-promotion and collaboration and instead of each author having to build their own catalog so that readers have something to move on to, we’ll all share in the delicious self-promotion wealth

and I’m looking for people interested in taking part so just throwing it out there to my writerfriends….there are literally 3500 years of scifi history very loosely accounted for that need to be filled up with your stories…… any genre…….

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