gosh I have a lot of FEELINGS. goodnight

I get a lot of adult-kid points today. I’m cooking, but it’s an old faithful recipe. I worked on two hackathon projects, contributing by making goofy faces and pretending to escape lava by crawling on cushion “rocks.” I’m getting a crash course in video editing so I can edit said lava rocks video.

long time ago I bought this plastic Ikea clock so I could customize it (based on some Buffy-themed project AGES ago), and finally did so last year – see it here (oh god the accidental pun) – and Jake wants me to find all the symbols so we can make vectors and make it again, EVEN BETTER. it’s a really cool set of symbols

but this post started out as praise of the project and now I’m about to get excited about tech so

isn’t it wonderful that I had taken photos with my phone of what the symbols all meant (I’d written it down on paper) and then I posted a post and it had a date and I could go to my GIANT cloud storage folder that my camera automatically uploads to and sort by date and go to June 8th 2014 and find exactly the images I needed…….

wow. technology

my bff (that’s best fuckin friend) at work sat on the floor with me today and we talked about being right all the time. FRIENDSHIP

tmw the feature you’ve slaved over for a year goes live and no one tells you