I believe 2006 was one of my most ambitious and pretentious years as a writer. I tried my hand at just about everything, from 25+ forms of poetry to the personal essay to fanciful languages (which I took notes for class in, and read afterwards) to Disney song parodies to short fiction trying to encapsulate my fangirl-laced sexually confused dreams to co-authored novels to “"songfic”“ (a popular form of fanfiction in 2006) to articles for a Redwall e-zine on how to build characters. none of it was good. none of it was the worst of the time, but none of it was good. adn I thought I was the shit. I saved documents with titles like "Exercises to learn Zaban” and “I Dreamed on November 15, 2005” and “Where Terrorists Lurk”. I took everything SO SERIOUSLY, I

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