okay readerfriends, please to recommend me your top three books by POC in any of my genres. I just saw someone’s FB favorite authors with portraits and they were all old white men and I cringed.

my genres are:

  • humorous and/or epic scifi – examples, The Icarus Hunt, Hyperion, The Android’s Dream, The Alien Chronicles
  • urban fantasy, but very specifically: Daughter of Smoke and Bone (and sequels), or Good Omens
  • YA fantasy, but pretty specifically: Graceling series
  • science and technology non-fiction
  • erotica – literary, lgbt-friendly, preferring hopeful endings to “everything goes to shit”
  • myths, folktales, and fairy tales
  • alternative/magical history, a la Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

that would be very appreciated – I’m attempting to broaden my library of perspectives! thanks!!

My suggestions for you

  • Akata Witch by Nnedi Okorafor. YA fantasy; works with myths; fantastic world building.
  • Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King. Adult fantasy, lots of myths/folktales, similar to Neil Gaiman (American Gods especially). Please read this and love it so I can share it with someone.
  • Magic or Madness by Justine Larbalestier. Author isn’t POC, but the MC is biracial and I think you would enjoy this.
  • Adaptation by Malinda Lo. I haven’t personally read this one, but it’s YA, sci-fi, LGBT, written by a POC
  • Legend by Marie Lu. Another I haven’t read, but want to. YA Sci-fi dystopia (also, Anna gave it 4 stars)
  • Rags and Bones, edited by Melissa Marr. Not 100% POC (but some authors in it are), I just remembered that you would probably like this and I never told you about it. Retellings of fairy tales.

Also, check out Diversity in YA!

these all look fantastic – thank you!!! (quite excited for GGRW.)

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