What do you identify as? What are your pronouns?

I identify as female, she/her/hers. I most definitely have lady bits and I appreciate my internal femininity; my femaleness surfaces strongly in situations involving power of any sort.

however, I have always felt like half a dude, and my head-representation* of myself is a male cartoon cat (which I’m sure says a lot about a lot). I really like wearing clothes that are not traditionally female and I keep my hair cut short these days, and I’m frequently misidentified as a boy, which I have absolutely no problem with. so I definitely don’t do anything to dispel the half-and-half image (or reality).

really, on a linear scale from -50 (fully female) to 50 (fully male), I’d say I fall at about a -10.

I’m strongly bisexual and somewhat (*cringe*) polyamorous. I hate that word, but it’s as close as I’ve got. bottom line: I am irrevocably in love with my husband, but lord knows neither of us is cut out to only love one person, and we rather enjoy getting to know others both together and separately.

hopefully that answers your question! (and then some)

*head-representation being the entity I see in “my place” when I imagine myself in life, which I always see much like a third-person shooter. I’ve heard other people see life in first-person perspective and I am fascinated by this.

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