Much ado about tools

It’s been like an episode of the as-of-yet-nonexistent reality show “Device Swap” around here this weekend!  Jake graciously bestowed his laptop upon me, saying that while he’d love to keep it, I need it right now between starting up my consulting side business and writing so much.  So now, with this beautiful Apple keyboard that truly compels me to type, I’m starting my editing of A God Grown Old.  Slowly but surely I’m replacing all of the spots where I’d gotten lazy or couldn’t find an old reference and had to put questions marks in brackets, and going through my “Rough Draft 1” copy on my Kindle to find the highlights I’d made for awkward phrasing or concepts I need to look at again.

And seriously, this computer is awesome. I can type so fast on it. Between this generous gift and the inspiration that Bioshock Infinite has been, I should be producing volumes of work in no time…

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