Alan Watts: What if money was no object?

I don’t usually post whole comics, but this is just too great. Paste this to your mirror. Read it like a weekly devotional. Sit and really think about the true meaning of “reward”, and what’s “rewarding” to you will become quite a bit clearer.

(via Zen Pencils, which you should really read back to front)

I think this is the most important lesson my parents instilled in me. I give them a lot of crap for their harum-scarum belief system, but they sure did believe in doing what you love. my dad knew he wanted to be an architect since he was five or six, and he’s made a living off of it since before I was born. my mom has recently poured herself into her garden and produced some amazing results, much to her boundless joy. she may even start selling at farmer’s markets. and they encouraged me so much to pursue activities, classes, tasks, and jobs that allowed me to write – my passion since age four. I watch so many of the people I know from college, and even some of my friends, languish in the trap of believing that money is the only object, and that when the money is there, the passion for what they truly love to do will return. but that’s just not how it works. you have to start now. you have to look at the things you may give up not as sacrifices, but as compromises. work on what you love a little bit, every day, even if it’s just listening to a podcast on the subject or reading a few articles. it’s the biggest reason I’m as happy as I am at age 24 with no idea where exactly my life will go.

what do you desire?

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