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I can totally help with 1 and 5.

1) First, be prepared to drop monies, because it’s all specialty ingredients. XD (Also, I have Padma Lakshmi’s cookbook and zomg, so good).

5) You can test recipes on my kids if you want.

Also, feel free to use 3 on us, if you like. 😛

excellent! we’ll take you up on the testing, I’m sure.  and yeah, I knowww. but a lot of it is stuff I can keep for a while, it’ll just be an up-front cost. and if I like it, it’s a good investment!

more 2013 hopes and dreams and whatnot:

  • learn to cook Indian food with legit spices and techniques
  • add another sort of exercise to my routine
  • go on a summer road trip
  • maintain my current raise schedule
  • help Jake get his Shit Your Kids Will Eat cookbook made
  • finish my role-playing character notebook
  • designate and fill a notebook for each major novel idea
  • plan the wedding plan the wedding without it being a major stressor
  • participate in Camp NaNoWriMo in July
  • have treatments for all decent show/movie ideas, in case someone is interested
  • remember to take my supplements regularly
  • keep the room and bathroom clean

Texts are secrets. They’re little mementos of inclusion and excitement you can read over and over. They’re letters, journal entries, notes passed in class. Because we like to hold onto words that mean something to us. We like re-read and remember and re-live that moment when he said, “I miss you,” or even just “Merry Christmas” because you know they mean the same thing…And when I text my best friend, “He texted me! ” and she replies, “Yay!”, we’re not a generation lost staring at screens. We’re in corsets being handed scrolls sealed with his coat-of-arms. We’re in sundresses waiting for the postman to drop his letter. We’re on swing sets hoping to circle ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ We’re a million starry eyes still staring at the same starry skies with fingers crossed and hopes high.