writing articles for Ships Illustrated got me like ;D

getting close to needing some beta readers for our “teach yourself how to cook” book… anyone interested?

{18} Riph

{18} Riph

GET HYPE I finally finished a Mutiny chapter again o/

seated in the sun on the deck and a shadow falls across the slats. I look up and shield my eyes. a bald eagle circles our yard endlessly, hunting the rat that kept @amekay3 awake last night

writerfriends! what’s some great specific, concrete advice someone’s given you for a story or other piece of writing that really helped you not just in that piece of work, but beyond? (disclaimer: I’m writing a short ebook about strategies for strengthening your stories, and I’m looking for more ideas!)

working on our cookbook! phew! someday I’ll stop writing books!

when cute French boys send you puppy pictures to cheer you up

I’ve stopped counting how much I’ve written this week lol I just

have to finish things