Felix came up behind Hayley and pulled the blindfold on before she could protest.  She squealed and tugged at it.  "What the hell is this?“

He put a finger to her lips.  "Shhh, I wanna try something.  Won’t you play along?”

“Ugh, Felix.”  Hayley put her fingers under the edge of the blindfold and almost lifted it up, but Felix batted her hand down.  "Why do you insist on this shit?  It’s not like…oh my god.“

She went rigid as Felix touched her inner thigh, under her raggedy jeans shorts, with icy fingers.  It was cold and wet and overwhelming.  He grinned at her stunned face, her eyes still concealed by the band.  "How’s that?  You like that?”

“Oh my god.”  She squealed and twitched away, but her mouth was laughing.  "What is that?“

"An ice cube.”  Felix withdrew it from her shorts and lifted it to her lips.  She recoiled, but then leaned towards it, lips puckered.

“Do it again.  On my pussy this time.”  Now Hayley was getting into it; she pinched her legs together, pulled off her shorts, and squatted deep into the couch so she was exposed for Felix’s ministrations.

He reached for his bowl of unusual sensations and rested it against Hayley’s knee.  She poked at it. “And what’s that?”

“A few different things I want to try,” Felix said, intently focused on the ice cube he was running up her leg.  "With the blindfold on.  Just focus on how it feels.“

"Okay,” Hayley said.  She laughed nervously.  "I don’t know how to do this.“

"What, enjoy how things feel?”  Felix leaned in to nibble at her ear, making her blush and tuck her chin on the opposite shoulder.

“Well – yeah.  I’m not used to being pleasant to my body.  That’s for other people.”  She had a hitch in her voice.  Felix stroked her face, his mask of sexual determination slipping.

“Baby. Just enjoy this.”


He ran the ice along her skin, up, up and over her thigh, to rest on her mound.  Ever so slowly, he slid the ice downward, and in small circles.  The water trickled in between her pussy lips and dribbled towards her entrance, until she was gasping and her pussy lips were numbed.  "Something else!  Oh my god.  That’s so strange.“

Felix chuckled and popped the ice cube into his mouth, kissing Hayley deeply.  She wriggled her tongue around his, chasing the cold muscle.

Next, Felix chose a feather from the bowl.  He started on Hayley’s heels, calloused from working long weeks on her feet, and worked his way up and inside her legs.  Her face twisted with amusement and concentration.  "Is that…a feather?”

“Good job,” he said, lifting her shirt and taunting her nipples with the end of the feather.  Hayley moaned and finally pushed her shirt back down.

“Agh!  Stimulation.  Okay.  What else.”

He persisted with the feather, making little circles around her clit.  "Patience, baby, you have to learn to take it.  Hold your breath if you think you can’t stand it anymore…“