tmw that detour your story took totally solved the problem of connecting several disjointed scenes, livening up the cast, defining the relationships, and justifying the antagonist’s behavior

tmw you keep pushing down a weird side track in the story because the characters keep running in that direction and it turns out to make everything make perfect sense

HA! reached the halfway point. 25,156. that’s 4855 today for those playing along at home.

tmw your story suddenly has a room full of telepathic mushrooms

final tonight: 3356, for a total of 20,301! phewww. good run. I’d like to thank the Academy, I mean Jake, for challenging me with deft reverse psychology that of course does not work on me

1734 so far tonight, 18679 total. taking a game/pizza/liquor break.

I promise I’m still doing NaNo. I’m at about 17k and have been writing for the past two days on the iPad in between playing technical director for Sound Proof.

15020! back on track! ha, I did it. now to celebrate three hours of dentristy tomorrow with orange French toast tonight. Jake, you are my hero of heroes.