weird phenomenon: looking at pictures of you taken by someone who finds you attractive making you actually feel real attractive??

mls-classics said:

Why would cheese bagel be a deal breaker?

it smells like feet nobody wants to kiss a feetface!!

thanks be to job, which let me stay home with Jake today, who is just great. he’s just wonderful. he took a bite of the raisin bread I was eating, declared he would get his own piece, then offered it for me to tax in repayment. best!!!!!!

if anyone ever wonders if Jake and I fight, the answer is yes. ah, you know, about some of the usual things (very very rarely about others), and we snap and snarl – we’re both rather good at the art of argumentation, see – but at the end, even if there are tears, there’s just a whole lot of love and understanding and letting the other person clarify and apologize and forgive.