Hey everyone! So my computer is finally kicking the bucket, and because of that I’m going to be deeper in the financial hole than usual. Screen is on the fritz, processing power is whack, photoshop howls in pain while trying to open files and then blackscreens and dies, can’t do digital art without it crashing, etc.

SO I am opening up commissions for watercolors paintings!

It would be $50 for a painting like these:

and $90 for a painting with a background, like this:

I’m going to be opening five commission slots for the time being

SO if watercolor paintings float your boat, AND you want to continue seeing this, and other kinds of art from me (like all the digital stuff I do) consider commissioning me or referring me to a friend! 

hi friends!!! I have an Art Project and I’m looking to hire an artist… basic idea is I need a cover for my contemporary erotica novella “Raven Lake Summer” for publication. I have a vision for the cover but am certainly willing to be flexible if my artist of choice has better vision than me (likely!!). the cover involves three people, two men and a woman, and some lake landscape stuff. so if any of that is your jams please message me and let’s talk pricing!

or if you know an artist who might be interested, feel free to reblog this!