The ABC’s of Community

Acceptance rates have gotta be sky high

Britta and Troy have got a thing now (it’s fly)

Chevy Chase is their top-billed star

Dean Pelton walks in like “I’m a sexy pirate, yarrr”

Evil Abed (darkest timeline) wears a felt goatee

Fat Neil does your bidding for a piece of candy

Gillian wears leather like it’s thrift store fodder

Heard about Jeff? He killed Pierce’s father

Ian Duncan teaches stuff, though he couldn’t say what

Jeff can’t seem to do friendship (yeah, he’s in a rut)

Ken Jeong gets naked and rubs himself down

Leonard needs to shut up, he’s such an old clown

Magnitude couldn’t finish, he was gonna say “pop”

No one saw Boobs take the pen, he couldn’t be stopped

Only sound effects were needed to play a game of D&D

Picture zombies, paintballs, anime, and you’ve got Community

Queen of Adderall, that’s Annie, now she’s wound up, uptight

Rich is Jeff’s weirdest role model, uncomfortably Mr. Right

Starburns isn’t Starburns, he’s Alex, you see

Troy and Abed in the Morning is must-see TV

Understanding all the timelines has to wait till season’s end

Vaughn’s got nipples like a baby, but a sexy rear end

Without Jeff, Shirley would still be “Big Cheddar Bennett”

Xtra footage is called “Community on the Internet”

You may not get every joke, or love every scene –

Zip your lip, watch the show, or it’s goodbye Community.