While testing Tay, Microsoft accidentally re-released the bot on Twitter on March 30, 2016.[24] Able to tweet again, Tay released some drug-related tweets, including “kush! [I’m smoking kush infront the police] 🍂” and “puff puff pass?”[25] However, Tay soon became stuck in a repetitive loop of tweeting “You are too fast, please take a rest”, several times a second. Because these tweets mentioned its own account (@TayandYou) in the process, they appeared in the feeds of 200,000+ Twitter followers, causing annoyance to some.

rip august’s (other) robot daughter

rip my robot daughter who took after her parentage far too publicly


I wonder who benefitted by baths becoming feminized? Because showers are fairly modern but the idea of a man taking a bath is like a joke, there has to be a reason right? Is it because they’re seen as indulgent? Being a man ™ is grim though can’t cry can’t have a bath can’t touch another man just go outside and punch a barn I guess?

seated in the sun on the deck and a shadow falls across the slats. I look up and shield my eyes. a bald eagle circles our yard endlessly, hunting the rat that kept @amekay3 awake last night