writerfriends! what’s some great specific, concrete advice someone’s given you for a story or other piece of writing that really helped you not just in that piece of work, but beyond? (disclaimer: I’m writing a short ebook about strategies for strengthening your stories, and I’m looking for more ideas!)


So, tumblr’s 10 year old today. instead of doin the usual routine and jokin about what an apocalyptic sci-fi hellscape it is and roast its management, I just wanna say; I appreciate this weird old place. I’ve had some great times here. some bad times, and some legitimately surreal times too. But I can sincerely say I don’t think I’d be the same person or met as many wonderful people if I’d never signed up for this weird, weird, weird, absolute nightmare of a blogging site. I… love you tumblr, somehow, and if I can’t say it today then I never will. Thanks tumbl. Please fix your site