there’s book discussion…… and then there’s “book club.”

today it’s back to it and I am FILLED WITH DETERMINATION


I gave my mother a book about the making of “bonfire of the vanities” because we both love that train wreck, so we were discussing who should have been cast as Sherman instead of Tom hanks and she said Michael Douglas and oh my god yes, wtf Brian de Palma? That was Michael Douglas’s role.

The Devil’s Candy, right?? I spent half of my film class in college reading that book and discussing that movie. brilliant.

bullet journal is GREAT so far. I love obsessively keeping track of myself and this gives me the same amusement/smugness rush and doesn’t put it online!!

last night our New Year’s party was great because hot tubs and stars and fireworks! and then we came inside and got drowsy in front of a wood fire, during which everyone else happily watched a Mythbusters marathon, which is like…living hell. to me. anyway I spent the entire time essentially writing AUs about my characters, inspired by commercials, and I might actually use some of them???

after your sesame salmon was tasty except for……..funky salmon……..the Right One leans over and says “we can make fish and chips later”