Radioactive, by ten thousand percent. but also Up All Night by Owl City?? sorry??!!!

hey, look, a goals update!

  • edit and self-publish First Run aiming for: up on Amazon by the end of August/beginning of September. actual: just about to send it to an editor.
  • faithfully write my chapters of Return to Elgin – we’re on hiatus because I couldn’t maintain my focus on it.
  • get my license – *crickets*
  • participate in the one-month game challenge – this never happened, but I am working on a game concept with him atm.
  • take my supplements regularly – took a too-long break, but back on it.
  • exercise at least 4x weekly – something else I lost about four months on, but I’m back to it. plus, with my upcoming move to a far-off building, I’ll be walking across campus a lot more.
  • take a martial arts class – awww. this one’s still on hold. we bought rock climbing stuff, though, that wasn’t planned!
  • read 35 books – I’m like…one book away. 😀
  • try at least one new recipe every week – this has definitely happened. to GREAT success. I’ve improved immensely in my cooking range this year.
  • change my last name – done done done done!
  • develop a novel concept with Patrick – this was put on hold too. Patrick and I both got way busy.
  • participate in NaNoWriMo 2014aiming for: write the sequel to First Run. actual: about to stat Daugment.
  • help Jake get his short made – sadly we found a short that was way too similar and scrapped this idea, but he’s gonna do my book trailer instead. 😀

mmm, made this West African chicken stew tonight. absolutely delicious. after four or five dishes in the last couple of weeks that Jake would have sold for his catering business, I’m going to consider my goal of improving at cooking this year…achieved!!!