Feature | 50 Unexplainable Stories


August was kind enough to donate to my Cintiq fund about a month ago on IGG, and so in return, was promised a feature from me, to my followers. 🙂

I’d love it if you could feature my co-written short stories blog, 50 Unexplainable Stories.  My friend and I each write a story per month and they’re usually pretty fun, dark, twisted tales.  Some of the best ones to feature are Wattage and Wantons, Sealed, and Hoover Hawg of Eden.
Thanks! 😀
From what I’ve read, these two are pretty talented. If you have some time to spare, (and like original fiction) please check out their blog!

Thanks again!


eeeee, featured by PUG!!!

me: you know X story idea? yeah I wanna turn that into a miniseries.

(Jake starts recalling my characters from X story idea)

Jake: you’re going to need to get two whiteboards for the living room……