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work rant below!

I should definitely have reported my lazy-ass coworker when I had a chance. apparently last week, right before he left for a two-week (at least) surgery recovery break, he went into tickets I had closed, picked one, re-investigated it (incorrectly, I might add), and then assigned it to my supervisor with the following note:

“thought you might need to see this. She issued an incorrect response and didn’t thoroughly investigate the issue.”

okay. OKAY.

I have witnessed at least five instances where he requested time off the phone so he could surf Facebook (he said it was for email admin stuff and didn’t touch the damn control panel). I have watched him weasel his way out of so. many. tickets that he didn’t want to take the time to address. he’s been an ass to me on several occasions and I know my supervisor likes me better (evidence: this particular ticket was not even mentioned in my review, while my supervisor did tell me he was a genius for hiring me ahahaha), so if I’d reported it, the coworker would have gotten at least a verbal hand-smack. but I didn’t. because you know what? I’m not an ass. I can handle my shit, and I can handle his too, and at the end of the day I wasn’t going to feel better for getting him slapped around.

but this. really. REALLY?! this is just precious.

yeahhhhhhh Tumblr rantttttt I’m so grown-up