purewanderlust said: Whooo! I went to a write in last night, and I’m already at 2k and TOTALLY STOKED!

wooooooo! I’m so proud of your FACE!

mls-classics said: NEWP! Might draw some inspirational pictures for you, though. Kittens BASE-jumping and turtles in trees and all that rot. “Don’t get Shell Shocked!”

and you, sir, are mighty punny and mighty awesome. XD <3

last night was full of one-liners.

me: “it’s bad news bears. and I don’t mean no goddamn teddy bears. it’s a motherfucking grizzly of no!”

me: “the internet is for porn, and proving me right.”

me: “I’m totally a hipster.”

Jake: “you are not.”

me: “I’m sitting here in my $5 peacoat eating an $8 sandwich!”

Jake: “too much Call of Duty, and your sex life is now a Fable.”