I hate seeing selfish children who bitch about their lives when…


Their parents gave them cars, helped them into college, etc etc etc. I don’t get any of that and I’m miserable as hell. Try making it on your own, assholes.

I’ve been financially independent since 17 (the last thing my parents paid for was my cell phone, and that was only for two months of my first year away at college), paid my way through college, am currently paying off a handy amount of student loan debt with $300 monthly payments – and am headed upwards.

I’m so glad I’ve made it on my own. I’m so incredibly grateful for these interim years where I’ve been able to support myself (and enjoy a fairly comfortable lifestyle, at least for the past few months) and not have to rely on a family or a significant other to keep me afloat.  It’s given me much of the confidence I need to go out and accomplish what I want to do, with the courage that comes with having no safety net stretched out behind me.

I don’t know that I hate people who bitch about that stuff so much as I don’t understand them.  If I had been given even one of those listed opportunities – support for college, a car, even grocery money (I had to pay rent/food when I lived at home post-college for a few months) – I would have been thankful but I would have worried about the strings attached.  People who live off their parents’ generosity (or sense of guilt; it could be either) make no sense to me. It doesn’t even compute in my head. Why would I want to give my family more reasons to make me feel like a failure or like I’m unable to make decisions for myself? Nah, thanks, I’m coo’.