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Why Aren’t You Cooking?

Scoop up Why Aren’t You Cooking? from your favorite online bookstore!

Ready to break free of your reliance on restaurants and learn how to cook for yourself? Want to impress your friends and loved ones by whipping up a delicious dish to share? Finding yourself suddenly short on options for dining out and need to brush up on your kitchen skills?

Then Why Aren’t You Cooking? was written for you. Conceived of by former high-end professional caterer Jake Niehaus and co-written with his wife August, Why Aren’t You Cooking? isn’t like other cookbooks — it’s a book about how to cook. It provides a process for identifying foods you want to learn, breaking down the structure of a recipe, picking up new techniques, and varying your go-to recipes.

With this book as your companion, you can confidently teach yourself a recipe from a traditional cookbook, a YouTube video, or an in-person class! Packed cover to cover with tips and tricks for making cooking an integral part of your life, Why Aren’t You Cooking? will give you the framework you need to build invaluable lifelong skills to nourish yourself and those around you.

I tried learning recipes from countless cookbooks before I threw up my hands and said, “Screw it, I’ll make canned food forever.” Thankfully, I married a former caterer who simply couldn’t help himself and cooked correctly. By osmosis and by thoughtful instruction, I picked up enough to be a decent co-author for this project.

What’s so special about Why Aren’t You Cooking? Well, unlike most books about cooking, it’s actually about cooking. It breaks down many of the basic techniques, concepts, and mindsets needed to teach yourself how to cook, focusing only on dishes you personally enjoy.

We wanted to give people the same sense of freedom–in finances, diet, and competence–that we both have, so we wrote this book. And here’s why we think you’ll appreciate all 33k words of Why Aren’t You Cooking?:

🦾 Actions to take after every chapter!
📃 Lists upon lists!
🍲 Recommendations for stocking your kitchen!
🛒 Tips for grocery shopping!
🛟 Painless food safety!
🥗 Flexible recipes!

Before you try and tackle that movie-themed cookbook or attempt recipes from your ancestral home country for the first time, read through Why Aren’t You Cooking? and answer our cheeky title question with, “Uh, I AM!”