I just had pancakes with my little Shames family at our dining room table. in the sun. on a Sunday. there’s a butterfly outside. yes? yes.

a crow swooped right in front of us across the road today and Jake shouted “NO! I DON’T WANT TO HIT A CROW!” and I could just hear the crow bobbing around breathing hard all like AHAHAHAAAAAAAAA! FFFFFFFUCK! MARTY! MARTY DID YOU SEE THAT?! THAT WAS SO DAMN CLOSE!! AHAAAAAAAAAAHAHAAHAAA! WOOOOOOO! THAT WAS BAAAADAAAAASS!

“rootintootin” do you hear this. do you hear this. this Texas is a combination of my father and Hank the Cowdog

I’m feeling v satisfied and grown up. I had white wine, I made beans at 11am for dinner, I’m wearing my cat hat with the long paw mitten things, I’m such a fucking adult. get out of my face. this is real life

last month I sensitized myself to the sound of soda cans opening and now I want to strangle anyone who opens a damn can of anything

writerfriends! what’s some great specific, concrete advice someone’s given you for a story or other piece of writing that really helped you not just in that piece of work, but beyond? (disclaimer: I’m writing a short ebook about strategies for strengthening your stories, and I’m looking for more ideas!)

this year in sports: August gets some of her best villain inspiration of all time