if I could draw better I would doodle Shames reactions to everything. including stupid stupid social media interactions that make me stupid happy

me: you’re a good writer

him: oh. hey. uh. thanks! I’m actually sometimes proud of what I write!

him: …

him: …you wanna write something together?

consider this an indication that I am still low-key mad about it, one year later

four years is an awfully long game but I think I’m winning

I keep coming back to that stupid “Wherever I Go” song by OneRepublic like yep that’s 100% me, if I don’t have to work overtime for your affection, I probably don’t want it; but also, like, c’mon, boy, I just want to woo your ass.

me, a slave to love: **does something pathetic**
me, an author: OH HO HO

when cute French boys send you puppy pictures to cheer you up