today’s my four-year anniversary at ~the company~. I still love it y’all

theme of the day: let the chips fall where they may

four years is an awfully long game but I think I’m winning

struggling to help ppl who have ideas, and good ones, but who either can’t or won’t be specific about the audience they’re presenting them to, and therefore find themselves paralyzed with indecision on which details matter. and I’m like hey, yo, I can help you with this! but also I’m the new kid and Highly Suspect due to Reasons and I really would rather not be known as The Arrogant Writer (though I am, in fact, an Arrogant Writer; or, as @cincodenada knows, a Pretentious Writer Type)​



While testing Tay, Microsoft accidentally re-released the bot on Twitter on March 30, 2016.[24] Able to tweet again, Tay released some drug-related tweets, including “kush! [I’m smoking kush infront the police] 🍂” and “puff puff pass?”[25] However, Tay soon became stuck in a repetitive loop of tweeting “You are too fast, please take a rest”, several times a second. Because these tweets mentioned its own account (@TayandYou) in the process, they appeared in the feeds of 200,000+ Twitter followers, causing annoyance to some.

rip august’s (other) robot daughter

rip my robot daughter who took after her parentage far too publicly

I keep coming back to that stupid “Wherever I Go” song by OneRepublic like yep that’s 100% me, if I don’t have to work overtime for your affection, I probably don’t want it; but also, like, c’mon, boy, I just want to woo your ass.