worldbuilding process:

step 1: make up some cool mysterious shit
step 2: desperately struggle to figure out why all the cool shit is there

me, a slave to love: **does something pathetic**
me, an author: OH HO HO


U know when you compliment a girl and she’s not expecting it and her face lights up and she gets really excited?? it makes me Gay


Are people actually afraid to double text???? I will send 16 messages in a row and feel no shame whatsoever idk

my deepest and truest aesthetic is that one I SPY scene where there’s a bunch of blocks set up like a freeway and a veritable traffic jam of little toy cars yet it’s all backlit softly like no one is in a hurry. that is my aesthetic

side-eyes the email in her inbox that says “Let’s write 750 words today!”

side-eyes the 3000+ words she’s written

side-eyes her side eyes


you, a simpleton, a pleb: modern day coffee shop au

me, vastly superior, and VERY cool: they meet at a furry convention au