Hey everyone! So my computer is finally kicking the bucket, and because of that I’m going to be deeper in the financial hole than usual. Screen is on the fritz, processing power is whack, photoshop howls in pain while trying to open files and then blackscreens and dies, can’t do digital art without it crashing, etc.

SO I am opening up commissions for watercolors paintings!

It would be $50 for a painting like these:

and $90 for a painting with a background, like this:

I’m going to be opening five commission slots for the time being

SO if watercolor paintings float your boat, AND you want to continue seeing this, and other kinds of art from me (like all the digital stuff I do) consider commissioning me or referring me to a friend! 

Partnered Life:
* Am I checking in with my partner to see if they had a rough day?
* If so, am I stepping up to make their life easier in other ways (cooking, cleaning, etc.)?
* Am I open and clear about my wants, and not forcing my partner to guess/drag it out of me?
* Am I contributing constructively to planning of meals, events, trips, etc?
* Am I actively trying to make my presence feel safe for my partner?
* Do I try to do nice things for my partner without being asked (flowers, treats, etc.)?
* Do I take care of my own administrative life (paperwork, bills) without needing to be repeatedly reminded?
* Am I supportive of my partner’s decisions, big and small?
* Am I respectful and validating of my partner’s emotions?
* Am I vocally grateful when my partner goes out of their way to do something nice for me?
* Am I nice to my partner’s family [if that’s a thing they want]?