normally this time of year I’m like “here are some things I did! and some things I want to do!” but I’m too tired 2 really do all of that nonsense so in the spirit of fresh starts (which is why I like this time of year), my thoughts & brags

this year:

  • really made the studio, & created The Damn Shames (brand & characters)
  • finished editing Daugment
  • wrote six short stories
  • did Well @ work (like. rly Well)
  • successfully navigated a breakup & remained close 2 the person
  • made new friends online & IRL
  • found an application 4 all my artistic skillz (and my networking skillz 2 boot)
  • learned how 2 speak 2 crows
  • made some damn peace (and dealt with some damn dark times)

next year:

  • go on a low-sodium diet (so 2 speak, not literally.)
  • take a class, learn something new (physical, maybe, but not necessarily)
  • publish Daugment
  • edit FR
  • strive 2 have a backbone in all situations (personal and professional)
  • keep going after what I want
  • find a better place 2 live
  • do at least one physical thing and one thing 4 me every day
  • read 20 books (keeping it modest; may obliterate this goal, may not)
  • optimize for health (i.e. spend 20 minutes a day on chores, stay hydrated, take vitamin D)

weird phenomenon: looking at pictures of you taken by someone who finds you attractive making you actually feel real attractive??

gosh, I,

try not to keep ghosts bound by invoking their works, and to let them slip to their rest, and later remember them fondly, so,

I will not keep re-reading WD,

for a while

NEWS BULLETIN: we interrupt your regularly scheduled tumblr to bring you this report – about MEETING STRANGERS FROM THE INTERNET IN REAL LIFE! spoiler alert: our interview subject, tumblr user with-amore-infinito, really enjoyed tumblr user @carpebutts! in real life!

OUR NEXT STORY: how is it possible that tumblr user with-amore-infinito has not yet met tumblr users @eudaemaniacal and @anoteinpink…………

2016′s rash of celebrity deaths didn’t affect me much, until this one. I finished a book yesterday that I’d never have written if Carrie hadn’t shown me that women were able, willing, and going to take their place in science fiction. I love you, space princess.