so! I’ve decided to take a little break from social media other than to post my creative stuff. would love to keep up with my friends by other means so if you don’t have an easy way to contact me and would like to in the next three weeks, let me know! MWAH

There is a magic deeper still…

Aslan, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Yahoo did write Tumblr off as a loss which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna shut down but I’ll Tell You What, don’t be surprised if the ads get much, much worse

today I’ve had a not insignificant number “pride for working at ~the company~” feels

mls-classics replied to your post:WELL!


I’m trying to cling to some good karma over here and ride the wave, but I’m afraid the shadows are winning.

on that “tag which mom you are meme” I am filthmom

dear coworker,

I appreciate that you’re taking your six-year-old daughter to Ghostbusters and raising a strong feminist. however, it would also be amazing to receive the work that you promised yesterday and that you’re now delaying until tonight. I think you might be missing out on an opportunity to teach your daughter a very powerful lesson about keeping your promises instead of going to the movies.

but don’t let me tell you how to parent. you’re doing me a favor by letting me do your work while you’re on vacation, after all.