You’re rubbing off on me Corgi and August. I just had an inner monologue at a ship that said: “POLYAMORY POLYAMORY”

**dances** I’ll make an OT3 out of every ship yet

I just came up with a 3-word summary for Daugment on Twitter and I kind of love it

“Release the hounds.”

welp we started doing the streaming business today… check it out: thehnoskos and thedamnshames on Twitch, when we’re online

oh snap did you read Zen in the Art of Writing??


bro. Bro

bro i read zen in the art of writing when i was still in high school and it changed my fucking life

I should have clarified. “““AGAIN”““ did you read Zen in the Art of Writing AGAIN because of COURSE you read it in high school

I didn’t get to it until college, which I sincerely regret but am also thankful for because I wouldn’t have listened to him in high school