AHHH I made my author/pen name page on FB. there’s nothing on it yet but msg me if you want the name to follow it ;D

formatting for Smashwords is slow goin’ but I’m sooooooo cloooooooose

me looking at a townhouse like

okay not the worst townhouse I’ve ever seen definitely not I can look at the next–

yeah I mean okay I could keep going


ok some things today

holy fuckin shit the guy I work with for my new project is way cool, I totally misjudged him at first because he reminded me SO MUCH of one of only two male humans I would actually claw if I saw them again but he is the best new coworker since Nik and I also like his boss so that’s……good.

there are rumblings and rumors and I am carefully pricking my ears….. mmhmmmmm. #meetinglife

people I love are finding wells of righteous anger and I LIKE IT

Jake is my guardian bear I will fight anyone who says otherwise

okay let’s do this, let’s go, fall….. I have seen a lot of crows and sign rainbows, I think this is gonna be a good season