tempted to write a short about a hapless corporate employee who gets selected for the honor of being the company scapegoat, aka the person upon whom all of the threats are carried out


if ur secretly in love with me u should tell me

not because those feelings might be reciprocated but because its really good for my ego

okay we’ve completely changed up the bedroom, found a magnificent rustic end table for $10, purged the coat closet, made two meals (I crafted tuna+candied bacon+spring greens sandwiches earlier, Jake just made baked mac’n’cheese and I went with my classic teriyaki chicken tenderloins) – I finished the other half of The Night Circus and have made some progress on RLS… yes, yes, good weekend

I am in the market for music recommendations as I just made a playlist called “Someone Recommended This” so f i r e  a w a y



my favorite thing about being an artist is that there are no real limits to what u can create. anything you imagine can become reality and i think thats great