Tumblr just reminded me that HALT AND CATCH FIRE WAS NOT CANCELLED and is in fact airing its second season finale tomorrowwwwww



clingy and annoying doesn’t bother me when it’s from the right person

yes yes 100 times yes I literally do not give a fuck if my boyfriend sends me a picture of a car he likes at 3am even if I don’t like fucking cars his first thought was I know I’ma send that to my fucking girlfriend like yes fucking yes I love that shit

okay this headset is good for a few things. one is co-op game times. another is Imagine Dragons all to myself.



I wish there was a “liking for the tags” button on a post that only showed up for mutuals.

annapear said: you are obviously talking about jez’s forearms post

I do not regret those tags nor looking at the notes on this post.