it seems like everyone i follow on tumblr is posting copious amounts of dragon age, and i feel it is pertinent to say that i’ve seen a lot of things: an ostensibly traitorous egg person, a horrific bull human hybrid, romantic british redcoat dances, pirates, magic, violence, soft porn of every orientation combination, sad white haired anime elves…yes, i’ve seen it all. what have i not seen? even one single dragon.

in the first game you only see the dragon after you consume the taint for the first time. model game is model


richard ayoade is so unproblematic, i strive to achieve his level of talented chill….


I love all the new updates, except why the hell would you switch the post and close buttons? Are you trying to dissuade us from posting by letting us type out long messages and then haha you clicked close. Is this just to mess with us? Why would you do this.



1 good thing

deleting a post now appears to free you from the horrific digital shackles of the notes

i checked my activity page with my notification blocker off and now where the duck post was under Top Posts it shows only a blank space and then the mysterious number +254; my most popular post is fucking nothing and its spreading like wildfire. thats the legacy i leave you

screenshots or it didn’t happen

at the end of the day
are you someone I write
into my dark, angry stories

or are you someone
I write songs about?

anoteinpink, alternatively you could only write letters to certain fans, but address them as if to a wider audience. “dear Y.–, yes, you could say that I have reached the height of popularity, but my wings refuse to be clipped. I shall rise higher yet. and no, I do not wish to set eyes upon your erotic slashfic of my characters. it is beneath me”

I’m both thrilled and annoyed that I’m going to have to start a whole new blog for my pen name. like I think a huge part of my charm has to do with how random and annoying I am? so I can’t quite divorce myself from that. nevertheless I must be most cautious in revealing my true self.

like right now for instance. I’m consuming what is basically a bowl of olives with some lettuce in it. who does that? August does that. that’s my brand. that’s my aesthetic.

maybe I’ll just talk about my love life on the other blog and then it can all be anonymous.