eudaemaniacal that’s a good idea, and I could send a link…

mls-classics hm yeah and that would suggest reated songs too…

typesetjez I don’t use iTunes really anymore since I don’t own that much music, but I see those would import into Xbox Music so it’s a great idea.

so I know some of you maybe make mix lists for each other… what do you use?

in a spectacular display of being my mother, I giddily opened the indoor hydroponic garden Jake gave me for Christmas and planted myself some goddamn herbs.

let me just. that tool I just reblogged is incredible. asdfghjkl. I can already see using it for like every project I’m working on. dat algorithm tho.


My favorite people are the ones who sit down, look at you intently, and say “tell me more.” They are legitimately interested in you as a person and give you their full attention. They ask questions without turning the conversation away from you and are just genuinely the nicest people about everything. They aren’t trying to flirt with you or anything, they are just fascinated by people and their stories and want to listen to everyone.

Appreciate these people. Never let them out of your sight. They are the greatest gift to the world.