me: that’s [coworker]. he’s the token “has a massive crush on August and everyone knows it” guy in the office
Brandon: it just hurts to think about
Brandon: on one hand that poor guy
Brandon: on the other… somebody please! shake him! punch him! do something! please for the love of god save this boy!


I need some inspirational and/or funny quotes by people who are not white males. pls share your favorites?

reblogging because I still need these! Jez’s tag was super helpful but not all of them translated well as short one-liners (they needed context). anyone else?

I swear, I thought Chloe was gonna kiss Beca at that first party? When she gets all close and says “I can tell… we’re gonna be fast friends.”  Totally waiting for it.

I could see why Beca liked Jesse because DAT HAIR but any time she and Chloe were on screen together it was just like…………….now kiss…………….mmmmphhhh……………..

my lunch companion did the “scales” hands and was like “yeahhhh…over here is Jesse and Beca’s chemistry…over HERE is Beca and Chloe’s chemistry……..”

reminder for bisexuals



today is bi visibility day. as such, bisexual people will be completely visible for the next 24 hours. this is a bad day to engage in bank heists, ghost impersonations, covert operations for vague yet menacing government agencies, and other common bisexual hobbies that rely upon our powers of invisibility. 

reblog to save a life. 

Good thing I was reminded about this I could have completely blown my cover


s o m e o n e  i s  r e a d i n g  m y  b o o k

r  i  g  h  t    n  o  w