I love smiling at everyone because now I have a cohort of people I’ve never met who verbally greet me in the hallway, almost guiltily, as if they must

my favorite phrase in documents is “product magic happens here”

you know I mean Serious Business when my underwear matches my outfit

I mused aloud yesterday morning that it might be amusing to wear a bit of Jake’s cologne so he took it off the shelf and spritzed me with it.

he’s made the setup for our apartment so incredibly us, and cool, and unique, and thrifty without being cheap, and conducive to the things I love to do. like he made a reading corner for our bedroom so I can sit under the window, prop my feet up on the bed, and read for hours. he put my desktop/battlestation in pretty much the best seat in the house so I can sprawl across his lap while I write. he’s been patient with my new friends, welcoming to my old ones, amused by the people who moon after me (and him!), and absolutely nurturing to my soul. hub. <3