today’s editorial meeting included a plethora of fantastic quotes

“sounds like the complicated European eighth dwarf…Humbly-Brightly.”

“it’s girl stuff! put it in angle brackets so it can’t hurt anyone!”

“did I just reveal a card there? …I LOVE APPLEJACK.”

“‘go fuck yourself’ isn’t in the playbook?”

anniversary weekend was amazing. I’m so happy.

hit me with your best magnificent library pictures. writing a related scene



hey if we’re acquaintances and you might have a roommate situation in seattle starting late july / beginning of august i’d really appreciate it. i’m not 100% sure i can go back to my place in portland even temporarily, and my finances and documents aren’t in the right state to start looking for a lease either in or out of seattle that short-term. i have enough money to pay my way on food and such and starting september i’ll have at least a couple of hundred to help with rent and utilities

for clarity’s sake, this is because starting no later than early august, i’m not going to have anywhere to live. in particular it would be really really nice to live w/ other trans ladies but i’m not going to turn other options down if i have no choice