“I don’t think they’re scanning the chat logs for Habakkuk”

btw Em developing the character based on you has turned half of book 4 into one giant ladies-only sleepover out in the wilderness. I look so forward to writing this asdfghjkl

The Cantilever



The Mourans have a pretty cool basic belief system. Six principles, called the Cantilever, are equally weighted and must be considered in the making of all decisions. However, favoring one pillar over the others is not in any way blasphemy; you can dedicate your entire life to one or you can strive to balance the entire Cantilever. (The former group are referred to as canted, the latter group as leveled.)

Myself, I would probably try to be leveled, just because that’s my personality, but I can easily see myself being caught up in riddi. Directly translated, riddi means “we speak in the stars” and is the emphasis on fostering relationships with other races, both for diplomacy and for trade. At its core is this idea that we are not central to the universe, but just one part of a galactic conversation.

I would also likely champion ettus. The direct translation is “love with truth.”  All forms of love are valid, according to ettus, and the challenge is to live out each love in honesty and vulnerability, equal to the others. In other words, treat a one-night stand with the same goddamn respect you’d treat your spouse, but because of the pledge you’ve made to your spouse, you must give them your all in equal love and graciousness. A tough one to live by, to be sure (it’s the most complex, perplexing pillar, and Mourans rarely cant towards it).

I’m enjoying musing on this. Worldbuilding is the shit.

id like for the character based on me to cant towards the hot witch & anime pillar please

I’ll create a hot witch/anime pillar just for you definitely

actually I would imagine she’d cant towards rashak (“we grow what is ours”) which is all about cultivation and invention and reuse

sometimes I get the books of the bible stuck in my head. “habakkuk, zephaniah, haggai, zachariah, malachi.” over and over and over and over

I put my business cards in this cool metal turtle holder Jake gave me and set it behind my monitors towards the door and the two new dudes came in and were like OH WOAH WOW THOSE ARE NEAT CAN I HAVE ONE

it’s like yes, yes you can, that’s why they’re facing my visitors, you know, they’re not just for looking at. business cards. you take them, generally


Bruce Willis is probably going to keep making action movies because you know what they say about old habits