gonna define some conventions here real quicklike

since (duh) NaNo’s about to start, I want to make sure my blog is ready to NOT annoy all of you in case you don’t care…and if you do care I’m SO EXCITED to hear your snarky comments so please. lay it on thick.

things I will do:

  • tag my shit (nanowrimo 2013 OR writerlife <— also avoids my weird commentary on life and occasional whines)
  • post a NaNo selfie of how I feel about my writing sesh that day
  • post my word count all the damn time
  • post occasional excerpts, which I will tag with nsfw if they are, in fact, nsfw, which many will be since see: sci-fi smut

I think that’s it. goodnight. dead.

HI I think this is an important post so here it is again, since it was late last night.