A little of anxiety

My Scrivener file is such a big lovely tumble of folders and pictures, but there’s one that puts a knot in my stomach whenever I look at it: the “publishing” folder. Yikes. That’s the hardest stuff to think about right now. I’m looking so forward to the writing process that I keep thinking I can avoid that other part. Nope. Time to be a grown-up writer.


if i had to choose between cole slaw and sex i would choose cole slaw


every time

car knowledge has quietly crept up on me. I looked out the window on the freeway today and casually thought, oh, a Chevy Aveo, such a small wheelbase. huh.

and I do love sitting in my apartment with the freeway just far enough away that if a hunky sports car takes the Tukwila Turn I can hear it. mmmmmmmm mm.

You guys take this dragon petsite really seriously.

Ken (via bearlyowlways)

Internet dragons are serious business. (I give profound words to my sister.)