lol i cant even begin to tell you how much i dont care about PROPER ANATOMY

ok no that is a lie— things go in the right places. that helps. that makes things look good and not fucked up

but personally i enjoy the kind of fucked up where an artist is deforming things on purpose or placing things in places they may not EXACTLY belong for the purpose of composition, rather than not being very careful about drawing

fyi this couch is…not sturdy so. just. be careful

What’s The Best Way To Pretend Like Sex Doesn’t Exist?


Dear Abby, 29 July 2013:

DEAR ABBY: My son, “Joe,“ is 19, a high school graduate living at home with his dad and me until he leaves for college next year. He will be paying his tuition, and we are charging him a token rent ($100/month) while he’s not in school. He eats dinner with us most nights, and I usually do his laundry. He has a part-time job. This has been working out fine except for one thing. Joe has a longtime girlfriend, and he has been spending some nights at her house. (She lives alone.) We haven’t forbidden this because he’s an adult, and I worry that if we say no he will move in with her. However, we are not comfortable with his spending nights there. Part of our objection is we don’t like the example it sets for his 13-year-old sister, but aside from that we don’t think it’s a good idea, although we can’t say why. We know they’re sexually active regardless of who sleeps where. Are we old-fashioned, or is it reasonable to ask him not to spend the whole night with his girlfriend? — OLD-SCHOOL PARENT

Dear Old-School Parent,

Sex outside of marriage is horrible because of reasons that sex outside of marriage is horrible.

The last thing you want your adult, rent-paying son doing is enjoying the conjugal company of a young woman when he should be tucked away in bed reading his Bible so that his parents can pretend he’s not actually having sex with a woman he is actually having sex with so that they can teach their 13-year-old daughter that it is more important to go to literally any lengths to pretend like sex doesn’t exist than to talk about it openly and honestly as if it’s something the vast majority of human beings engage in at some point in their lives.

Tell your son you’ll put him in time-out if he spends another night with his girlfriend doing those things they do together that they should not be doing together because you said so.

If your kids don’t learned to be ashamed of their bodies now, it’s very possible that they could grow up to experience sex on their own terms rather than on their parents’ terms, and that could cause problems later on such as problems later on.

let’s pretend I feel some shame about last night.

I think this is one of those melodramatic “bridge” stories where the characters have super serious space opera adventures and then they get really melodramatic with their soap opera shit

like Gus and Koby are super deep when sexing and that makes sense in the context of their cultures and stories but JESUS THIS IS REALLY REALLY SONGFIC-Y

or is that just Shadows of the Empire idk