I feel a little bit terrible for laughing, but a coworker I’m not particularly fond of just came in thinking he was SO GREAT for bringing in a dozen donuts. there are already three dozen donuts in the kitchen b/c Mark is awesome. other coworker is saying “EFFIN A” as loud as he can and it’s horribly amusing

punnsssssssssssssssss i love puns. and I was the cheshire in high school, so I think I beat you. and I looked for a little while to see if I could find a picture on my computer, but I don’t have any to show you and I’m sorry about that.

haha I know you do, baaaaby. I just feed your habit.

okay fine you win. but I don’t think I even knew you back then. we hadn’t NaNo’d together yet. we were definitely not secret girlfriends. also I’m really sad, because I bet you were the cutest effin’ Cheshire Cat there ever stinkin’ was.

called my mom to tell her about my Microsoft start date (June 24!!) and about our wedding. she was hesitant, but she warmed up to it, and wanted to make sure we have it before July so my sister can come too.

okay. breathe. everything stressful about May can stop now. I have one day until June, which will probably be one of the most emotional months of my recent life. BREATHE.