today is Jake’s birthday and I just have to gush about him for a second.

do you know what he did yesterday? the day before his birthday? bought me another present. the turd.  the handsome, lovable turd.

he’s been so good about containing his (ridiculous amount of) stress around me without repressing it or refusing to talk about it. I’m used to people getting grouchy at me when they’re actually grouchy at other things but he’s unbelievably sweet to me always.

my mom asked for his email so she could wish him a happy birthday and asked what age he was turning and I was like “31” and she was so flabbergasted. I always forget that’s weird to some people, because he’s so ageless. not immature, not obnoxiously grown-up, but really ageless. he can make someone of any age feel completely at ease without making them think he’s stooping to their level. he genuinely wants to connect with people – even while he’s as excited about being generally reclusive as I am.

tl;dr: he’s my perfect man. happy birthday, love of my life. <3