The Right Department

Nora hugged herself and shivered a little.  The dressing room lounge had a stiff breeze, but she couldn’t return to the warmth of the individual room until she’d picked the rest of the items marked M off the rack.

She wasn’t worried about anyone seeing her in just a bra and borrowed underwear – after 8, they closed off the lingerie department and she was left alone to clean up.  Or model what her customers had left behind.

It thrilled her, to know that other pussies had rested on the fabric she slipped on, strangers whose names she would never know but whose bodies had, in a fashion, mingled with hers.  She snatched a last lacy black number and dashed off blushing.

Nora didn’t bother to lock the door and slid the pink thong down her leg with her thumb.  With her other hand, she pinched the black panties off their hangar.

Something moved in the mirror and she frowned faintly, turning to tug the stubborn door closed again against the breeze.  Straightening up, with nothing on below the waist, she came face to face with a girl with short-cropped blonde hair and a hot pink, coy smile.

“No, don’t!” the girl said, laughing, as Nora swallowed her scream and scrambled to recover her modesty with the black underwear.  "Please don’t.  Your ass is adorable.“

"My – ”  Nora’s fingers began to tremble.  Never had she dared admit to anyone but herself that it was the leggy ladies that made her wet.  Certainly she had never pursued a girl, and only dreamed of it with strangers, because knowing her name might make her something to fear.  "I don’t understand,“ she finished, dropping her hands and hoping her flush didn’t make her blotchy.

"Shhh,” the girl said, and slid around the door, locking it behind her.  Her hands still against the wall, she asked, “May I kiss it?”

“Kiss it?”

“Your ass.  I promise, lip to cheek contact only.  It’s just so fucking adorable.  Please?  Butts?  For me?  I’ll be cute.”  And the blonde girl pouted her perfect pink lips and Nora shook harder.

“Okay,” she said in a voice so tiny she didn’t recognize it as hers.

The girl clapped her hands and took two long strides to come up behind Nora.  Even as Nora hugged her own shoulders and tried not to close her eyes, the stranger was down on her knees and her soft lips tingled right at the center, on both cheeks.

Nora sighed.  "Oh,“ she said.

She looked around in the mirror behind her.  The girl had her hands resting on Nora’s thighs, her hair making her look like a mischievous pixie as she smiled back at the glass.  Between Nora’s cheeks rested a bright pink kiss mark.

Nora began to giggle, and it made her wobble, so she reached out for the girl’s hair.  The girl looked up, and Nora’s pussy tightened as she recognized the look in the stranger’s eyes.

"I’m Evi,” the girl said softly, and then it was too late.

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